White, Colin


Place: Bologna
Ministry: Youth
Mission Agency:

In partnership with the local church of Nuova Vita, Bologna I am discipling and evangelising the young people who are part of the church youth program as well reaching the young people who are part of the local rugby under 18 team that I coach.
Through the platform of coaching in the local rugby team here in Bologna I have been able to start a Bible study and am following up with many of the young men from the ages of 16-17 who show an interest in knowing more about Jesus.  I am part of the ministry with the teenagers in the church and am doing my utmost to encourage them in the Scriptures to either accept Christ for the first time or grow in their knowledge and understanding of the gospel.
I am also studying theology to a seminary level with Crosslands (previously Acts 29, Oakhill Academy) two days a week and applying what I am learning through discipleship and relationships with those God has placed in my life.  I have been given the chance to preach and teach in the local churches surrounding Bologna and so that has been another opportunity to serve and be formed in the Lord through teaching his Word.
After the summer 2017, I would hope to be part of a team that would look to lead a ministry to the poor.  It will provide a great opportunity to serve the least of these in the city as well as disciple and develop people through the process of the ministry as it develops through the year.
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