Xerri, Leonard & Aletia

Refugee/Immigrant discipleship

Location: Nevada
Ministry: Refugee/Immigrant discipleship
Mission Agency: IMUSA

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of you for your consistent giving to us and our ministries over the years, we are grateful! we praise God for you!
After serving in Italy for 4 years in church planting and refugee ministry, we are now in Nevada for a period of around 18 months to focus on marriage and family restoration before heading back to Italy.
God has answered our  prayers and opened a door to connect us and allow us to serve at wonderful Christ centered ministries that have been helping refugees/immigrants to know the Gospel in Las Vegas for over 10 years that are supported by the Nevada Baptist association.
We are looking forward to learning fresh ideas on how to serve refugees/immigrants and lead them to the Gospel. Directly after this season ends we will head back to Rome to share these new skills with our ministry colleagues who eagerly await our return.

Thank you for your love and prayers and heartfelt financial support over the past 4 years and for continuing to support us in this short restoration season in the USA, and again in Italy after the season finishes. We love you and praise Jesus for you.

Leonard, Aletia, Andrew & Logan

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