Welcome to our mission website. ITALIAN MINISTRIES USA – (IMUSA) is dedicated to reaching the Italian people with the gospel by sending and equipping missionaries.

Currently more than 20 missionaries receive support through IMUSA and partner with over 130 missionaries as part of a larger network including missionaries from similar organizations:


Our Mission is to spread of the gospel in Italy. Provide support structures to assist missions to and from Italy. And, to cultivate of a vision for missions in Italian evangelical churches.

ITALIAN MINISTRIES USA is particularly committed to facilitating fellowship, communication and collaboration between those involved in missions and to creating the opportunity for Italian missionaries to have their own identity within a mission structure based and operated within Italy. Why not bookmark this site and visit it regularly to find out more about the growing vision for mission in, to and from Italy. If you have any questions please contact us.

The objective of ITALIAN MINISTRIES USA is to represent ITALIAN MINISTRIES (International) in the US. We will seek to do this in the following ways:

• To challenge (inform) believers in the USA about the needs and ministry opportunities in Italy.

• To facilitate the establishing of partnerships between the mission in Italy and the USA in mission-related matters.

• To function as an “umbrella” organism in the USA for like-minded partnering with ITALIAN MINISTRIES and missionaries (incoming gifts, information, partnerships, recruiting, common/joint activities and projects).

• To promote the ministry of IM in Italy and beyond.

• To receive financial help and interest from the USA and channel these resources to Italy.

A short video presentation about Italy

IM is increasingly committed to and active in all areas of Italian mission. ‘ITALIAN MINISTRIES – committed to mission!’. Currently IM is engaging in several specific aspects of mission-ministry:

Network – IM brings together believers involved in mission. A “platform” has been created where contact and encouragement facilitates a commitment to mission through “communion, communication and collaboration”.

GMI – The Italian Missionary Group (GMI) is an Italian missionary service agency. It exists primarily for Italians in mission both in Italy and beyond. Structurally independent, GMI is at the very heart of IM.

IM International – IM is represented internationally by Italian Ministries International (IM International) Italian Ministries USA, Italian Ministries UK and Italian Ministries Germany which exists exist to:
• Challenge (inform) believers about needs and ministry opportunities in Italy.
• Facilitate the establishing of partnerships between the mission in Italy and other countries in mission-related matters.
• Function as an “umbrella” organization in different countries for like-minded partnering Italian ministries and missionaries.
• Promote the ministry of IM in Italy and beyond.
• Receive financial help and offers of assistance and in turn support the work of IM in Italy channel these resources to Italy.

IM International currently has representatives in the USAUK, Italy and Germany.


Begin a Partnership
IM is always looking for new partners to join us in pursuing our mission of bringing together believers involved in mission. We work with a wide variety of mission organizations and churches, who are deeply committed to their work, by providing a platform where contact and encouragement facilitates a commitment to mission through “communion, communication and collaboration”. IM partners with various missionary agencies and has established formal and informal agreements with several. There are also formal “working” agreements with others. These formal partnerships are established with like-minded groups and agencies and detailed definitions as to the extent of the agreement are agreed upon. The agreements define areas of formal collaboration but are uniquely designed ad hoc each time. Our current partners find these things especially attractive about working with us. Look through our site to see how it all works and what our partners say about us.  Click here to download a typical Partnership Agreement.

• Pray daily for missions in Italy
• Give to needy mission projects in Italy and towards IM running costs
• Italy on a short-term mission or ministry visit
• Become an IM local or regional rep (Contact for details if you are interested)

As a Church:
• Adopt-an-Italian missionary – support an Italian missionary (prayerfully, financially, pastorally)
• Church-winning – link-up with a church in Italy (exchange visits, pray for each other, gain an ‘inside’ understanding)
• Send a mission/ministry team to work alongside missionaries and Italian local churches

As a Bible School/Seminary:
• Consider establishing special scholarships/training opportunities for IM associates
• Take part in a training ministry in Italy
• Gain first-hand knowledge about missions in Italy.  (You can send a team by contacting Italian Ministries.)

You may make a donation to Italian Ministries US in one of the following ways:
• Online Giving
Support the people and ministries of Italian Ministries by making your gift online, using your credit card, via our secure online store.
• By Mail
By making a regular pledged gifts or one time gift, to one or more missionaries. Donations can be made by sending a check by mail. Please use the following information to direct your support.
Your checks can be made out to National Christian Foundation and mailed to: NCF, 1150 Sanctuary Pkwy, Suite 350, Alpharetta, GA 30009 (Note: no longer mail checks to IM USA).
Please also note that the memo section on the check MUST include “Italian Ministries Single Charity Fund #2718960” PLUS (if giving for a specific designation): “The intended beneficiary of the gift” (Please note that by default and unless expressly indicated your gift will go to IM USA’s general fund.) All gifts are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt for your records.
• Electronic Funds Transfer
Convenient, safe and secure, Italian Ministries Streamlined Giving is the most economical way to support a missionary. Because it costs less to process a gift using Streamlined Giving, more of your gift goes to support God’s work. Contribute on a monthly basis and request that your donations be automatically deducted from your bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer. Gifts for your missionary can be given electronically using this link.

You might wonder what happens to your donation. A 3% processing fee is charged on designated gifts. The IM Board carefully budgets each year for the strategic use for income and, undesignated gifts are carefully and prayerfully directed to areas of the ministry where there is most need. Thank you very much for your generous giving and your partnership in the Gospel.

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