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IMUSA, General Giving

From January 2019, giving to and through Italian Ministries USA is changing. In oder to improve our giving system we are now using the NCF (National Christian Foundation) – the 8th largest and well-established US Christian Charity with enormous experience which will help you maximise the impact of your giving for the causes you care for.

This development will result in:
• Improved receipting and administrative support for you (for every gift you make you will receive a tax-deductible receipt)
• Beneficiaries receiving funds more promptly
• A simplification of Italian Ministries’ overall administration

Support the people and ministries of Italian Ministries by making your gifts by using check, money order, debit/credit card, or wire transfer, via our secure online store in one of the following ways:

• Electronic Funds Transfer
Convenient, safe and secure, Italian Ministries Streamlined Giving is the most economical way to support a missionary. Because it costs less to process a gift using Streamlined Giving, more of your gift goes to support God’s work. Contribute on a monthly basis and request that your donations be automatically deducted from your bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer. The most current wire transfer instructions may be found using this link.
• Credit Cards
Debit/credit card and electronic check gifts may be made by going HERE or by clicking on a specific beneficiaries’ NCF Donate Button (on the Associates page). (Please note there is a 2-3% card fee.)
• By Mail
By making a regular pledged gifts or one time gift, to one or more missionaries. Donations can be made by sending a check by mail. Please use the following information to direct your support.
Your checks can be made out to National Christian Foundation and mailed to: NCF, 11625 Rainwater Dr., Suite 500, Alpharetta, GA 30009 (Note: no longer mail checks to IM USA).
Please also note that the memo section on the check MUST include “Italian Ministries Single Charity Fund #2718960” PLUS (if giving for a specific designation): “The intended beneficiary of the gift” (Please note that by default and unless expressly indicated your gift will go to IM USA’s general fund.) All gifts are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt for your records.
• Other
NCF also accepts other types of assets including publicly traded stocks, ETF’s, mutual funds, securities, real estate, business interests (S Corp, C Corp, LLC, etc.) testamentary gifts and gifts from trusts. You can enquire further should you require information.

Of courses should you have any additional queries please don’t hesitate to contact us or contact Chris (Director of Giver Services) 719.930.1949,

You might wonder what happens to your donation. A 3% processing fee is charged on designated gifts (donations for GMI are exempt). The Italian Ministries Board carefully budgets each year for the strategic use for income and, undesignated gifts are carefully and prayerfully directed to areas of the ministry where there is most need. Up to 80% of these funds go into a common fund for Italian national workers serving with GMI.
Thank you very much for your generous giving and your partnership in the Gospel.

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