Artami, Lorenzo

Church Planter

Location: Bologna
Ministry: Church Planter
Mission Agency: IMB

Ciao! We are the Artami family, and we are passionate about one thing: making Christ known in Italy! Lorenzo was born there, and like most people living in that country, although he was surrounded by centuries of Christian history and art, he did not know who Jesus was. To hear and believe the Gospel he had to migrate to America and meet Methinee, a Thai young lady who would later become his wife. As we visited Italy together and engaged in conversations about our faith with Lorenzo’s friends and family, we realized the urgent need that Italy has to have the good news of Christ proclaimed to its people. God was calling us to do missions in Italy. Our vision is to see the disrupting power of the Gospel transform the city of Bologna, a city that is known for its worship of higher education, hedonistic lifestyle, and Marxist values, among which is atheism. We believe that the most biblical way to achieve that is by planting gospel-centered churches to be beacons of hope and light in an otherwise desperate and dark place. But we cannot make it without external support. Will you partner with us to be on mission for Italy?

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