Location: Pozzuoli (NA)
Church Leadership
Mission Agency:

We are Stefano Bonavolta and Irene Amodio, married September 2, 2014 and parents of a beautiful little girl named Elèna. Together, in Pozzuoli, in the province of Naples, we work full-time in fellowship and service at the local church Fiume di Vita which leaders are Alec Catchpole and Salvatore Varriale.
Our vision is to make disciples of Christ of the young people the Lord has placed in our path. Accompanying kids to the knowledge of Christ first and in a journey of maturation later is an expression of the burden we have always carried in our hearts. Of course we are also involved in other things (teaching, church leadership, evangelism, home church, sports), but our greatest commitment is among the younger generation, in the desire that God’s glory will shine there too with all its power.

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