Cesarino, Pasquale & Isabelle

Church Planter

Location: Milan
Ministry: Missionaries and evangelists to the nations

Hi! We are Pasquale and Isabelle, full-time missionaries recognized by our church ” Gesù Vive – Baranzate, Milan.”
Pasquale, also known as “Linus” the magician, worked for 10 years as an illusionist in TV and live shows, while always spreading the Gospel. Now, our evangelistic shows are part of our ministry, taking the message to Italy and the world by collaborating with different churches and realities.
In 2019, Pasquale decided to be a full-time missionary, and found in Isabelle a partner with the same desires. We married in 2023 and dedicate our lives to serving the Lord, hoping for a spiritual revival for Italy. We have visited over 20 countries around the world and are the founders of “Palm92” (Psalm 92), a project that brings events to nursing homes and hospitals in Italy.
We are also among the founders of Connection Missions ODV, which coordinates missionary initiatives of various projects including “Palm92.” In 2023, inspired by God, we started a mission in Rwanda, organizing trips, evangelistic events, baptisms and school visits. We wish to build an orphanage for Rwandan children, devoting one month a year to this project, and the rest of the year we focus on Italy and Europe, with the support of our team members.
Our main commitment is here in Italy and Europe, where it is often difficult to carry out missions. We are constantly traveling and collaborating with local churches for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

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