Francini, Federico & Elisabetta

Church Planter

Place: Assisi
Ministry: Church Planter
Mission Agency: GMI – ACCI

In short, our missionary story begins with a strong desire to give more and more to the Lord. In the year 2013 we matured the desire and the call to start serving the Lord full-time. We decide to go to Argentina where we attend a Bible school. During this time we realize that our nation, while considering itself Christian, is one of the least Christianized, and a strong desire matures in us to return to Italy and dedicate ourselves to church planting. It also matures a project and a burden, which is to establish churches where there is no denomination, and God puts it in our hearts to start in Assisi.
Our project is to form a sending church that forms other sending churches. Today (year 2017) God has formed a small community of about 30 people in Assisi. Pray that it may grow that we may form pastors and deacons for the spiritual independence of the community. May missionaries be formed to go and start other churches, and may the local church have the weight and strength to sustain and support itself. Mt. 28:19, Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. God bless your work.

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