Giuliano & Francesca, Santangelo

Church leadership

Location: Bologna
Ministry: Church Leadership
Mission Agency:

Giuliano Santangelo is 45 and lives in Bologna. He’s married with Francesca and they have three children (Giulia – 15, Giacomo – 12 and Stefano – 5). For 20 years Giuliano has worked for a company as Safety Manager. Together with Francesca they have served in their church, Nuova Vita (Bologna) for the past 20 years. In 2016 Giuliano was recognized as the second pastor of this growing congregation. In full agreement with the other pastor, Giuliano and Francesca have sensed a call to full-time ministry. This growing church in the city of Bologna is on a remarkable journey of blessing. Led by Gian Luca and Giuliano, the church has witnessed unprecedented blessing and growth. Numerous ministries have developed, such as Vite Trasformate (ministry to prostitutes), Mercy Ministry (to the poor and to the growing refugee camp), Art Ministry and an Internship program. This church (also part of the Impatto (A29 in Italy) family of churches) has defined a vision to see multiple church-plants as it continues to grow in the Gospel.

Current ministry: While working a 10-hour job, Giuliano has been increasingly involved in three main areas of ministry within the church:
Preaching – he has a great passion for faithfully expounding God’s word; currently he has only time to prepare to preach once a month.
Worship – as a talented musician, he has been leading worship over many years. He is passionate to help people see God’s glory and see daily life as context for and means of daily worship.
Pastoral care – a growing church means man needs and opportunities, which as he is able he seeks to minister too. He and Francesca are especially committed to come and walk alongside young adults. Francesca is also serving in the church (children’s ministry) and is involved in a number of other ministries (literature, mission, young lady, etc.) and events.
Bible camps and Conferences – organization and teaching.

An exciting step, as Giuliano steps out of full-time work in 2019, this will enable him to devote his time and energy to engage in a number of exciting ministries:
– Preaching and teaching
– Leading worship and caring for others involved in this (in Bologna and elsewhere in Italy)
– Pastoral care in the growing and expanding Nuova Vita community
– Raising-up and training leaders
– Bible camps and conferences all around in Italy

Giuliano and Francesca with their family will be moving out by faith into a new season of ministry. They need your prayers and support. Currently they are communicating with churches and friends in Italy as they look to God to provide for their needs. Should you be interested in a gospel-partnership with them (at whichever level), then please don’t hesitate to contact them. Giuliano and Francesca send out a regular ministry and family update. They will also be coming under the Italian Ministries umbrella as well as beginning the A29 assessment as pastor of a church-planting church. Email:

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