Guttesen, Regin & Heidi

Church Planter

Place: Molise
Ministry: Church Planter
Mission Agency: GLO

Regin & Heidi along with their children Noah, Megan, Trisha, and Emma work in Molise, Italy since 2003. Regin is Faroese, Heidi is half American and half Faroese but grew up in the Philippines, Noah was born in England, Megan and Trisha are adopted from the Philippines, and Emma was born in Italy.
Even before Regin and Heidi were married both of them had a heart for Europe and a specific vision for towns where there are no evangelical churches. They are excited about how God can transform lives. The main focus of their work is in church planting however they are also involved in graphics, music, teaching English, and itinerant teaching.
La Fonte was planted in 2008. Motivated by the live of Jesus, we desire to be a source of help for communities, both through social work and through the proclamation of the gospel.
 If you would like to read more in depth about Regin & Heidi, they have their own web-site:

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