Klontz, Caleb & Noella

Church Leadership

Place: Trieste
Ministry: Assisting the local church through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.
Mission Agency: ACI Int’l / ACCI
Website: www.adventive.ca/caleb-linda-klontz/

Caleb and Linda return to Italy where they’d served from 2008-2014. They’re serving the church in Trieste, Italy by coming alongside an Italian pastor and his wife to support them in the areas of evangelism, outreach, and discipleship. They’re helping to develop future church leaders, hoping to see the church established in lasting way for generations to come.
Throughout his years as a US pastor, Caleb has also had the opportunity to develop relationships with 1st culture workers and pastors serving in Central and South Eastern Europe. He will also continue to build out this network of relationships while coming alongside these gospel-ministers helping provide encouragement and support.
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