Pagano, Karise

Location: Mantova
Ministry: Discipleship, Counseling, Ministry Consultant/Assistant
Mission Agency: Entrusted Word Ministries

I am Karise Pagano, an Italian-American missionary to Italy. My grandfather was born in Italy and most of his children were saved out of Roman Catholicism. I was born into a family of believers and God saved me at a tender age. I grew up learning to be an active part of my local faith community and began serving in the church at 12 years old.
I have been collaborating with various ministries in Italy since 2007; and living and serving in Italy full time since 2013.
I have the privilege of walking alongside Italian women as we seek to know our Savior, trust in His care, see His hand in every detail of our lives, and share Him with those around us.
I also assist local ministries through administration, event planning, and translation services as we all work together to seek out and served God’s Redeemed (redenti) in the country of Italy!

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