Pasquale, Daniele & Marti

Teaching - Church planting

Place: Monte Porzio Catone, Roma (RM)
Ministry: Teaching at IBEI, Church planting, help women victim of sexual trafficking
Mission Agency: CMML
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We got married in 2012, and at the end of 2015 the Lord gave us a beautiful girl, Lylia Grace. We serve the Lord together since we married, even though Marti served full time since 2006 with Agape Italia (Cru), and Danny since 2007 at IBEI and Monte Porzio.

Our primary ministry is at IBEI (, where Danny serves as dean and teaches in the areas of New Testament and Practical Theology. Marti helps at the Residential school in the kitchen. In Monte Porzio, where we reside, we are involved in evangelistic efforts and in coordinating the cell group that is part of our church in Borgata Finocchio, on the outskirts of Rome. We are praying and putting effort in seeing a church planted in our home town (

Marti, with Danny’s help, is involved in the ministry “Slavery no more” that reaches with the Gospel women victim of sexual trafficking ( We are both involved in organizing a sports camp ( that takes place every June at Poggio Ubertini (FI).

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